19-21 septembre 2022: Communication à la CESSMIR Conference « Contemporary forms of racism and discrimination », Belgique

CESSMIR Conference « Contemporary forms of racism and discrimination », Belgium

CESSMIR’s second conference opens up an exchange platform for researchers, practitioners and policy makers working in the broad field of migration, integration and ethnic-cultural diversity. They are invited to share their questions and expertise on understanding and responding to contemporary forms of racism and discrimination from a broad, interdisciplinary approach. With experts working in different domains of society, including education, employment, health care, housing, media, deviance and crime, architecture, family, child support and social work, CESSMIR actively seeks contributions that speak to different audiences, but with a commonly shared focus on social exclusion.

The exclusion of social groups based on migration background, colour, religion, language and legal documents, amongst other aspects, remains a key social problem in societies across the globe. Despite the advancements made in terms of social justice and inclusion through processes of decolonisation and anti-racism, racism and discrimination remain an everyday reality for large numbers of minoritised people. In addition, recent economic and health crises have fostered insecurities, populism and economic and health inequalities, which in turn resulted in more open polarisation and hostility between different racialised and ethnicised groups. It is therefore paramount that academics and practitioners remain focused on understanding and tackling racism, discrimination and social exclusion in order to develop a more cohesive and just society.

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Louise Virole

Louise Virole est maître de conférences à l'Université Paris Cité

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